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Environmental EPC
Environmental EPC

一、Outstanding achievement of project general contracting


?  Zhangjiu River Water plant in Kunming(loan from JBIC 400,000TONS/DAY)

?  7th Water Plant in Kunming(300,000TONS/DAY)

?  Beijiao Water Plant in Luzhou(loan from WB,100,000TONS/DAY)

?  Chenggong Water Supplying Project (Salcon Malaysia 60,000TONS/DAY

?  Wangjiayu Water Purifying Plant in Anshan(loan from JBIC,350,000TONS/DAY)

?  Pancake Rocks Water Plant in Bicheng Town,Bishan(loan from WB,35,000TONS/DAY)

?  Water Plant for Airport Economic Zone in Kunming(250,000TONS/DAY


?  Sewage Treatment Plant for Chongqing Jiangbei Airport(6,000TONS/DAY)

?  Degan Sewage Treatment Plant in Jiangjin,Chongqing(30,000TONS/DAY)

?  Wuxi Sewage Treatment Plant in Chongqing(25,000TONS/DAY)

?  Sewage Treatment Project in Leshan(loan from WB,200,000TONS/DAY)

?  Equipment Supply Project for Chongqing Jiguanshi Sewage Treatment Plant phase II(part of Chongqing Downtown Environment Improve Project)600,000TONS/DAY

?  Chongqing Jiguanshi Sewage Treatment Plant phase 200,000TONS/DAY

?  7th Sewage Treatment Plant in Kunming(a part of Kunming Water Evironment Improve project)(loan from JBIC,200,000TONS/DAY)

?  Sewage Pump Station in Yibin(loan from JBIC)(Pump station 5+1,180,000TONS/DAY+260,000TONS/DAY)

?  1.2.4Sewage Plant in Kunming,Pump Station Project in Zhanguanying and Juhua village(loan from JBIC,250,000TONS/DAY)

?  8th Sewage Plant in Kunming(100,000TONS/DAY)

?  Equipment supplying and installation for the main canal sewage and rainwater treatment project in Kunming (government investment,sewage15,000TONS/DAY and rainwater 25,000TONS/DAY

?  Equipment supplying and installation for Haikong Sewage Treatment Plant in Kunming (government investment,30,000TONS/DAY)

?  Baiyu River Rainwater Purifying Plant in Kunming(100,000TONS/DAY)

?  Equipment Supplying and Installation Project for the 2nd Sewage Treatment Plant in Suining(loan from JBIC,60,000TONS/DAY)


?  Auto-watching system on the important pollution source in Chongqing-online wastewater detector(loan from JBIC,23 pollution source)

?  Sewage Thorough Treatment project in North Changchun (loan from BA,100,000TONS/DAY

?  Sewage Thorough Treatment project in South Changchun (loan from BA,50,000TONS/DAY

?  Gaotang Effluent Reuse Project(loan from AB,40,000TONS/DAY)

?  The comprehensive treatment for wastewater and gas from Silian Sapphire crystal industrialization projects(Wastewater:150TONS/DAY and Wast gas 15000m3/h)

?  Dispatching&supervision system for Chongiqng Natural gas net phase (loan from JBIC,1 dispatching center and 57 stations)

?  Auto dispatching system for CHANGSHOU-NANCHUAN section on the lines for Sichuan Natural gas goes east(1 dispatching center and 11 stations)

二、Outstanding achievement of TDS-BIODISC

?  Sewage treatment plant in Pingqiao Town Industrial Park, Wulong District, Chongqing city (500 TONS/DAY)

?  Sewage treatment plant in Yongxing town,Chuanshan district,Suining city (1000 TONS/DAY)

?  Sewage treatment plant in Liqiao town, Fushun county,Zigong city,Sichuan province(400 TONS/DAY)

?  Sewage treatment plant in Shiya town,Yuechi county,Guangan city,Sichuan province(700 TONS/DAY)

?  Sewage treatment plant in Qiyun Shan Yuehua street,Xiuning county,Huangshan city,Anhui province(300 TONS/DAY)

?  Sewage treatment plant in Xinchang town, Yuechi county,Guangan city,Sichuan province(100 TONS/DAY)

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