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Steam Jacket Control Valves
Steam Jacket Control Valves

Steam Jacket Control Valves are applicable for the service requiring heat preservation. When the crystallization temperature of fluid is lower than ambient temperature or the fluid temperature is falling, it will cause the viscosity increasing or the fluid solidified, then the valve body and bonnet require steam jacket units to meet the requirement of process control

The leakage complies with the ANSI B16.104 standards. The actuator integrated with simplest mechanisms utilizes a compact yet powerful diaphragm actuator loaded with multiple springs.

This product complies with the GB/T4213-2008 standards.


Straight-through, cast globe valve

Nominal size


Rated CV value


Pressure rating

ANSI Class 125~600;

PN 1.6~6.4 MPa

Fluid Temperature


End connections


Body & Bonnet Material

SCPH2/WCB,SCPH21/WC6,SCS13A/CF8,SCS14A/CF8M,SCS16A/CF3M,Ti and other alloy steels .etc.

Trim Material


Hastelloy C .etc.


501 or 301

Flow characteristics


Seat Leakage

Metal seat

Rated Cv0.01%  ANSI Class IV

Soft seat

Bubble-tight ANSI Class VI


HA  Pneumatic Diaphragm type

VA/VP  Cylinder piston type

EIL  Electronic type

M8  Intelligent type

Steam Jacket Control Valves are used in the service requiring heat preservation .

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