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PS7000 Series Process Analysis System
PS7000 Series Process Analysis System

Definition of process analysis system
    (1) Process analyzer is the analyzer which can analyzer and measure the chemical component and physical property of substance automatically and continuously in industrial production process or in environmental monitoring.
    (2) Process analysis system is an integrated equipment of reasonable matching and perfect combination which is designed according to the condition of application site as well as sample gas, it contains process analyzer and pretreatment system, in another words, it is process analyzer in general idea.
    PS7000 Series process analysis system is the new generation industrial online analysis integrated system,which is based on PS7000 series, whose advanced technique roots in ABB company. The whole system has the characters as advanced design, reliable operation, high automation level, less maintenance and long life, etc. It has been listed as national new product by national science and technology committee.

Power Supply
Single phase Connection (3-wires): 220 VAC, 50 Hz or three phases Connection (4-wires): 220 / 380 VAC, 50 Hz
General Energy Consumption: Approx. 0.5-3.0 kW
Other power supply is special designed.

        Ambient Conditions
Ambient Temperature:+5°C...+45°C
Transport- and Storage Temperature:+0...+55°C
Relative Air Humidity:< 85% yearly average  
        Installation Site:
The analyzer cabinet has to be installed at a vibration free site and protected from dust and heat radiation. Out-door installation requires a daily maintenance of the ventilation filters.

Widely used in the fields of building materials, iron & steel, metallurgy, air-separation, petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, light industry, pharmaceuticals, environment protection, scientific research and so on.

According to the different application industry, it can be sorted as below:
PS7100 Air Separation Process Analysis System
PS7200 nuclearpower Process Analysis System
PS7300 Petrochemical Process Analysis System
PS7400 Continuous Emission Monitoring System
PS7500 Cement Kiln Process Analysis System
PS7600 Metallurgy Process Analysis System
PS7700 energy gas Process Analysis System
PS7800 air quality monitoring System
PS7900 Removable Vehicle Testing and Monitoring  System

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